Amateur Radio testing sites and classes

Amateur Radio License Testing Sites

NOTE: You will need to bring the following with you for testing.

  1. Two forms of identification, one "must have" a photo such as a drivers license, passport, place of
    employment security/ID card with picture etc. Non-photo ID's could be a social security card, birth certificate, baptismal
    certificate, school ID card, library card etc. Although not mandatory, the ARRL likes to have a "photocopy"
    of your ID's for their records.


  2. If you are upgrading a license, then you must bring the "original" and a "photocopy" of
    your current license and of any "active" C.S.C.E.'s for "passed" exam elements for which you
    have not received a paper license from the F.C.C.

    Please remember that "C.S.C.E.'s" (Certificate of Successful Completion of Examination) are only good
    for 365 days when used for "additional upgrades".

  3. There is an Exam Fee preferably in cash.

Lighthouse YMCA, 2900 N. Columbus, Tucson, AZ.  Location Map.  Sponsored by CARBA.  
First Thursday every month. Sign-in between 7:00 P.M. and 7:30 P.M.
 There is a fee. (Cash).  Walk-in Ok but prefer you call for reservation.
Contact:  Matt Grossman AC7IL, (520) 462-0448 or email:  

Where: Jacobs Park YMCA, 1010 W. Lind, (corner of Lind and Fairview)
When: Third Saturday of the month at 9:00 AM.
Walk-ins are OK; preferred if you call for a reservation.
No tests in June, July, November or December.
Fee: $15.00
Contact: Fred Hill, K7OFA, (520) 403-1893, K7OFA @



Tech classes are held every Tuesday at Tucson Medical Center Complex, (at Grant and Beverly),
in the Arizona Building. Each class cycle lasts nine weeks. However you can start at any time.Tech classes begin
at 7:00 PM and will run until 9:30 PM with a break at 8:00 PM. There is no charge for the class, but you will
have to buy our workbook 'Now Your Talking' at a cost of $20.33.

For further information contact:

E-mail:OPRC HAM CLASS@JUNO>COM (520) 320-1455

Lulu: N&RS@JUNO>COM (520) 747-9249

Robert: (520) 731-0794